Looking to start off 2018 with better curly hair? I have compiled my current top 6 curly hair favorites for 2018. I use all of these at LEAST once a week and know that you will really love them. If you need more curly hair tips don’t forget to check out my curls category!

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6 Curly Hair Favorites for 2018

My Current 6 Curly Hair Favorites!

  1. RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer: This blow dryer is a God send if you have curly hair that takes hours to air dry! If the curly girl in your life diffuses her hair look no futher than this blow dryer. Read my full review here.

  2. Wella EIMI Smooth – Flowing Form Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm: Looking for a way to tame the frizz and add some slip? This smoothing balm is silky smooth when you apply it to your hair. It will help keep tangles and frizz away all day long without weighing your hair down. Looking to revive second day curls? Using this Wella flowing form on second day curls will add a bit of shine and smoothness. I am in LOVE with the smell of this stuff. I honestly look forward to it every morning, it’s the one curl product I have not strayed from in over a year! The small bottle has been lasting me 4-5 months with a pump used almost daily.

  3. Saryna Key Curl Control Treatment Shampoo: Need a new shampoo? Try out Saryna Key Curl Control. Packed with tons of African Shea Butter this shampoo will not only clean your hair, but help keep it moisturized as well. The entire Saryna Key line is full of awesome curl controlling and curl moisturizing products. I am started by just recommending the shampoo, but I have also used the conditioner, oil and curl cream. It comes in different levels of Shea Butter so it can work well for “white girl curl” as well as more natural “ethnic” curls.

  4. KMS California Curl Up Control Creme: Need a new cream in your life? THe KMS California Curl Up Control Creme not only helps “control” your curls, but it helps to add definition to your curls. I have been using this same bottle for almost 6 months! It only takes a small pump and lasts forever! The smell is clean, not fruity which I kind of liked!

  5. Framesi Morphosis Sublimis Pure Oil: Looking for a more luxurious oil to help out your curls? I started using this Sublimis Pure Oil when my hair was very damaged from hormone issues. It coats and adds shine like no other. It might seem like a spurge but I have been using the same bottle for well over a year! It doesn’t have much or a smell, but tons of slip which sometimes my curls really need!

  6. AG Hair Trigger Curl Defining Spray: My second day curl FAVORITE, this Curl Trigger is awesome for reviving tired curls. The squirt bottle design lets me flip my hair over and just spritz on a few pumps. It doesn’t have a super hard hold, but makes me second day curl look more like beach waves. The smell is clean and feminine.

Now that you have 6 awesome curly hair products to revive your curls in 2018 get them ordered and start rocking those curls!

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