At this point in our life it feels like every friend is expecting, or just had, a little bundle of love. It has been so fun seeing each parents ideas for their nursery! Each couple has unique style, tastes and life styles that they are drawing on to create their perfect nursery. I have been dreaming up my own ideas for each of these babies. This particular idea came from a couple that are avid outdoors people. Dad is a hunting guide and a taxidermist, so I was sure that a little hunter nursery was going to be the theme. I decided to create my own take on a little hunter nursery by ruling out one thing, camo.

Below are my ideas for a little hunters nursery, without using camo! Let me know what you think!

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Little Hunter Nursery | No camo decor ideas for a hunting themed nursery

Little Hunter Nursery Round Up

  1. Rifles Racks And Deer Tracks That’s What Little Boys Are Made Of Wall Decal: Moving from the crib up this adorable wall decal would be the perfect focal point for your lil’ hunters nursery. Keeping with the navy blue theme this wall decal will help pull together everything without feeling too camo green.
  2. Tree Stump Shape Design Storage Basket: This stump storage basket will make for the perfect storage option in your lil’ hunters nursery. Get a few to stash diapers, toys, extra clothing or anything else in! How cute that they actually look like tree stumps! BONUS, they are washable! That will come in super handy as little one gets more mobile and more mischievous.

  3. Hurricane Lantern with Dimmer Switch: Add a pop or red and the outdoors with this hurricane lamp. Make sure your lil’ hunter feels like camping right from the start with this lantern. Hang it from the wall, or set it on a shelf as a cute and functional accent piece.
  4. Lolli Living Sparrow Bookend Friends: These adorable little critters aren’t just cute, they are functional too! Believe it or not, they are book ends! What a fun way to keep all of your little one’s books on the shelf!

  5. Hunting Decor Throw Pillow Cushion Cover: This navy blue pillow cover screams lil’ hunter without the camo! Your little one will be part of the deer hunters club before you know it!

  6. Woodland Animal Tracks Poster: Add some interest to the walls with this fun animal tracks poster. Make it a game each night with your little hunter to point out which tracks belong to each animal. This is a poster so you will have to pick out a frame for it if you are wanting it framed. Another great option is to hang just the poster on the wall with twine and clothes pins.

  7. Wooden Crate: Looking for more storage options for your little hunters nursery? Use these handmade wooden crates! Great for organizing your changing station and gathering up toys, you can’t have enough of these on hand!

  8. Vintage Cast Deer Antlers Wall Hooks: Wanting to add some wall hanging space? Use these antler wall hooks. Each one comes with 10 “hooks” to hand items for your little one. Hang up onsies, coats, blankets and more in your little hunters nursery.

  9. 3-Set Vintage Galvanized Planter Buckets: Last but not least try using different textures in your little hunters nursery. These galvanized buckets make for great storage. Use them to stash diaper creams, toys and rolled up swaddles. The rope handles are another texture bonus that will keep your nursery feeling rustic.

I hope you liked my ideas for a camo free nursery! I can’t wait to try another nursery round up. If you have a theme you want me to explore please let me know in the comments section below!

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