Happy fall everybody! My husband I have some exciting news. It is officially the 20th week in our pregnancy! Half way through! Wow, I can’t fathom how I possibly made it this far. It has been very difficult….but HERE WE ARE! YAY!

I feel like everything will start to start feeling more real once I can assign a gender to this little baby.

Now, in 5 days we get to have our anatomy scan! It so exciting to think about seeing our little wiggle worm and making sure that everything is growing right. We are also going to find out what the gender of this nugget is! Is it a He or a She? The anticipation really has me on pins and needles. I have held off on buying ANYTHING for this baby because I wanted it to be special and not gender neutral. I feel like everything will start to start feeling more real once I can assign a gender to this little baby.

Now, it you have read any of my previous posts on pregnancy you will know that this pregnancy has been very difficult for me. I have been so so ill. Vomiting daily since 3.5 weeks, lots of weight lost, severely dehydrated, and here we are at 20 weeks and the symptoms still persist. I am still holed up at home, terrified to drive because it makes me so nauseous and violently ill. To say I have been surviving on the bare minimum is an over statement.

This bare minimum survival has not given me much energy to put toward announcing our pregnancy publicly. Yep, at 20 weeks we haven’t announced on social media! We haven’t taken cute photos to commemorate this experience. Nothing. And weekly I see new posts  from friends and relatives excitedly announcing their pregnancy. It kinda hurts to not be part of the fun.

I decided to buck up and take a particularly less terrible afternoon to create a printable gender reveal to use after our scan! I know that I am in no shape to get photos taken at this point, too exhausted and ill to wash my hair most of the time. And I know that I will want to let out the good news right away, so I decided that having something stored in my phone to be able to text to family and friends would help me feel a little more connected.

Since we are in the middle of October I figured jumping on the pumpkin band wagon was a must! I created these two basic gender reveal photos. What do you think?

One for a Girl!

One for A Boy!

I am going to save these both in my phone to be able to send out to all my family once we know! I can’t wait to find out which I will be sending!

Could you use a cute way to text to your family and friends that you have a little boy or little girl on the way? I am putting these out FREE to anyone that needs them:-) Please pin far and wide and share share share!

Love to you,

Monee the new mama bear

Free Fall Gender Reveal Printables

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