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I love our house, it isn’t perfect, but it is something that Mr. Rodeo and I have added a lot of heart to. We work on it A LOT! Something that we haven’t quite mastered is home storage.

Our house has 1 coat closet, and 1 linen closet inside the guest bathroom. Not a ton of storage to hide things away in. I am not the type of person that needs a ton of space to hide things in, but a little bit of home storage doesn’t hurt!

The Issue:

When I moved in with the bachelor it was a little scary to see brooms, mops, dusting tools, and more just shoved in a corner. It was not even remotely functional. I could not keep the floor clean (not that I excel at that anyway) because I had stuff piled in the corner of the entryway, kitchen and laundry room. It never failed that I items in question would move around the house and the cluttery feel would just grow. After a couple months of this I could not handle it any longer.

My Solution:

Wall storage unit

The Wall Storage Unit I Choose

I took to Amazon on a Tuesday (my favorite day for Amazon shopping because Prime items will normally arrive by the weekend for me to work on projects) and found lots of different storage/organization options. I choose this wall hanging home storage option because:

  • I read lots of reviews
  • I needed items off of the floor
  • I had a blank wall in our laundry room that it could go on
  • It worked well with my budget
  • It just looked cool ok!?

The Install:

I am pretty handy when it comes to home projects, but this one did not require any real handiness. When it arrived I installed it in my laundry room using these hollow wall anchor screws, a level, a tape measure and a screw gun.

I love hollow wall anchor screws because I cannot find studs to save my life! <- Except for my hubby, he is a total stud;-)

Once installed I hung up the brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies and breathed a sigh of relief. This really helped free up floor space and made my laundry room feel like more of a utility room which I honestly love.

Do you have a storage and organization product you love? I would love to hear about it, my house could probably use it!




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