When someone has a baby all of the focus of family and friends are usually on the new bundle of joy. This new person in the world is amazing! People love to oo and aww over this cute little bug non stop. But, it can feel like they are forgetting the special super woman that managed to grow and birth this new soul into the world. Don’t overlook the new mamas in your life! Just because they are now completely absorbed with the new life they are in charge of doesn’t mean they couldn’t use some pampering too! Don’t forget to pamper new mama as well as baby! She did just bring a new human in the world, the least you could do it make sure she has a few items to know just how special she is with this new mama gift guide.

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New Mom Gift Guide - don’t forget to pamper mama too!

New Mama Gift Guide

Pamper Her Feet:

New mamas will be spending time in a sleepless fog for awhile once baby arrives. Make sure her feet are pampered by buying her a pair of super comfortable and super versatile slippers. The rubber sole insures you can run outside if needed, while keeping her tired (albeit less swollen) feet warm and cozy. Bonus, she wont have to bend down to slip them on, making them a time and energy saver. These slippers will show her you really care!

Let Her Lounge In Style:

As new mama adjusts to life with a newborn she will need something easy and comfortable to slip on day or night. Make sure she feels loved wrapped up in this cute stripped nursing robe. It fits comfortably on her postpartum body and will be a life saver when nosey neighbors come knocking to see baby. She can easily adjust from breast feeding to being covered with this adorable robe.

Help Her Hair Out:

Mama might be feeling a little time crunch when it comes to getting her hair fixed each day. Help her out by dropping off a bottle of this dry shampoo. Not only will she thank you, but the boost in confidence that (fake) clean hair gives her will allow her to focus more on baby and adjusting her life. Real friends gift dry shampoo;-).

Skin So Soft:

Although she has 8 different types of body lotions for her new bundle of joy, mom might be missing out on lotion for herself. Between postpartum body changes, giving baby baths and all the hormone shifts a person can imagine, mamas skin might need a bit of love. Show her you really care with boby butter just for her. This Ivory Shea Butter is 100% natural, so she can feel good if it gets on baby during feedings or during skin to skin time.

Keep Her Hydrated:

If mama is breast feeding there is a good chance she is going to be THIRSTY! Help her quench her thirst with a cute and spill proof water bottle just for her. She can clip this water bottle to her diaper bag or stroller, it can be tipped over without spilling and best of all it’s dishwasher safe so it keeps her from washing ANOTHER bottle by hand. This water bottle comes in many different colors to match any new mamas taste.

Tie Up Her Hair:

Mama no longer needs someone to hold her hair for her because of morning sickness, but curious little hands are still going to be giving her a reason to tie it back. Make sure she doesn’t have to reach far to get her hair out of her face with these cute hair ties. With enough in the package to make sure she has some by her feeding station, bathroom, diaper bag and car mama can rest easy knowing a messy bun is just one cute hair tie away.

Get Her Some Caffeine:

Do not underestimate just how tired a new mama can be! Make sure she can easily get her caffeine fix with this coffee mug. Make sure she knows you actually love her because you found a mug that fits into a car (or stroller) holder, is slip and spill resistant, can be microwaved and can be sent through the dishwasher. Mama will be singing your praises once she has this mug FULL of coffee in her hand.

Pucker Her Up:

Kissing that little cutie all the time might leave mama with parched lips! Or lets be honest, lack of sleep and enduring labor might also being causing mamas lips to crack. Show her the love with Burts Bees tinted lip balm. The little bit of color will make her feel much more put together during her 4th trimester (yes that’s what it’s called) and keep her lips soft to keep kissing on baby. Pick out a color of tinted lip balm that flatters her and make mama happy!

Keep Her Routine Easy:

Lastly, making sure mama feels pampered during her postpartum can be as simple as making sure she has some tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in it. This Burts Bees BB Cream will help her feel fresh and put together, even if she hasn’t managed to get a real shower taken in days. Having the extra SPF to protect her skin will be important since she might forget to protect herself while slathering sunscreen on her baby.

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