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Giving the best gift was a competition!

When my hubby and I were dating I would always try to get him the very best Christmas and Birthday gifts. We turned it into a competition to see who could spoil each other the most. Sometimes I did very well and he would rant and rave about the present for months and every time her used it after that. Other times it would be a flop. You live and learn! The best gift I ever got Mr. Rodeo while we were dating, that was something he truly loved when he opened it and still enjoys two years later, was the zero gravity chairs I bought him for Christmas.

It seems weird to get an outdoor/camping gift for someone in Colorado at Christmas time, but we had been hunting in the months leading up to Christmas so I kept seeing these chairs. Some of our friends had them, my parents had them and it was high time that we got enjoy the comfort of zero gravity chairs ourselves.

For Christmas I purchased Mr. Rodeo 2 Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs, these chairs to be exact.

They showed up in two large boxes that I immediately wrapped and put under the tree. I was hoping that when he opened them that they would be all assembled, but I honestly didn’t know for sure. On Christmas morning he tore into the first box and thankfully pulled out a fully functional and fully assembled zero gravity chair. We ended up setting them in our living room and watching TV while we lounged in them for a full 2 weeks before we decided they should probably be put away until our next out door adventure. I truly believe that these chairs are so loved by my hubby because I chose the Oversized option. We are big people, I am 6ft, he is 6’5”. The extra width and length that these chairs provide is amazing! I don’t feel like a giant in them, I actually feel quite petite and like I am being cradled in zero gravity heaven.

Now, we don’t have a garage on our house, so after lots of shuffling them around to the back bedroom these chairs landed on our back patio. They have been folded up against the house for winters and usually open and ready to be relaxed in during summers. They have held up perfectly! I really can’t believe it considering how much sun and wind they are exposed to.

I would highly recommend these chairs to anyone that is looking for a way to surprise their significant other, or to anyone just looking to do some serious lounging in the outdoors (or if you’re like us, in your living room for a while;-)). They are the best gift I ever gave my husband while we were dating.

Do you have a camping item you can’t live without? Let me know! I just might need it too!

best gift I ever bought my boyfriend



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