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Now We’re Waffley Wed

Now that Mr. Rodeo and I are officially married, we are settling into a normal routine. Something that has been a bit difficult for the Hubby to get used to is wearing a wedding band. He works as a ‘truck boss’ (his term), mechanic, farmer, runs cattle, ropes, and is chief honey-do list completer. That means his hands are always busy, normally working in semi-dangerous areas of large machinery, or around rumbustious large animals.

The Fancy Version

For our wedding I purchased a beautiful, one of a kind, hand made, custom wedding band for Mr. Rodeo. He loved the intricate tooling and the fact that his brand is on it.

Custom Western Wedding Band

The Hubby’s Wedding Band made by Pat Horlacher

The problem is, it’s too pretty to be getting greasy, scratched, or smooshed all day everyday. So, to remedy this situation we started to look at Silicone Wedding Bands. We had a good friend that wore them for crossfit, so we decided to give them a shot.

The Working Mans Version

Our first week back from our honeymoon we purchased the following:

Silicone Wedding Bands

Silicone Wedding Bands on Amazon

We choose these colors because we thought they would hide the most dirt, grease and grime. And we were not wrong! This 4 pack of Silicone Wedding Bands was affordable, but honestly, they are a great quality. It’s not a flimsy silicone, it’s substantial, but not annoyingly thick. Mr. Rodeo really liked the idea of them being a bit more “forgiving” if caught in something, easier to cut off if ever needed and easy to clean up (I wash it with dish soap in the kitchen sink if it ever gets too icky).

Before the wedding Mr. Rodeo had his ring finger sized. It was a size 9. After he got his fancy wedding band he put the size 9 ring on and got it stuck (talk about a stressful pre-wedding week moment). We has the ring sized up to a 9.5. To be sure that the Silicone Wedding Band fit we ordered a size 10. It fits like a dream!

Please note, there is a draw back to these Silicone Wedding Bands…they are stretchy. And my Hubby is fidgety. So, he sits and watches TV with me and the doggies in the evenings and he stretches it, snaps it and rolls it. I do weirder things, I promise, so I can easily look past it.

Let me know what your favorite color of these bands are, I am looking at getting some for myself to work in the yard with!

wedding band for a working hubby



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