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Planning our Wedding

When wedding planning it can be difficult to stay on budget but still add enough drama to your decor. Adding tapered candles to your tables can add height, drama and interest without adding the cost of floral. Creating a boho, romantic or dramatic effect with candles for your wedding is easy, and now affordable.

But First, Back Up

During the months of my wedding planning I was a little stressed. I would have really good ideas of what I wanted everything to look like, but as soon as I got to work I would completely forget everything I was planning on getting done. Please tell me that other brides felt that way?!

I had found a million and a half ideas on Pinterest, but had to pair them down to something that was attainable and mostly, affordable. Luckily I had access to candelabras, but have you ever priced candles?

Candles for your wedding can be incredibly expensive! Even at Hobby Lobby! So, I needed to fill 34 tables with a mix of fake candles, real candles, flowers and more and the bill was adding up fast! Enter Amazon, My mom actually found these Ivory Tapered Candles on Prime:

Ivory Tapered Candles

Ivory Tapered Candles on Amazon

Let me tell you, opening up a package of 30 candles is a life saver!! Seriously, they didn’t come individually wrapped, which means I saved so much time NOT unwrapping! And time in wedding planning = Sanity!

On our wedding day these candles were lit and gave off a great ambiance, had a long burn time (they were still burning at 11:20 when Mr. Rodeo and I left and were probably lit around 6 p.m.) and didn’t have any gross smell.

Check out the way they looked in the candelabras! What do you think?

If you’re looking for a nice tapered candle to add some interest to your wedding décor I would highly suggest these from Amazon!



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