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You Just Got Engaged!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS on just getting engaged! YAY! What a fun and exciting event in your life. You’re probably getting asked by every person you see the basic 3 questions that you don’t have answers to:

  1. When is the big day?
  2. Where are you getting married?
  3. Aww are you going to start a family right away?

Your family, friends, co-works and future in-laws are all well meaning with these questions, but man alive is it overwhelming! You probably haven’t had time to let it sink in that you’re actually getting married, haven’t been able to have a real conversation with the love of your life because your constantly interrupted with excited texts, calls, Facebook notifications and more.

What do you do first?

Well, besides the basics of telling people, starting with your closest family and friends, you are probably thinking, “What do I need to get to make this an awesome engagement?”

Most girls jump straight to the fun stuff, dress shopping, décor buying etc. But take it from me, the very first thing you should do it jump on Amazon and buy these.

Adorable Thank You Cards on Amazon

It might seem weird, but they will be the most helpful item you purchase right away. People are generous, most people are kind and at some point you’re going to receive a gift. Please please please send out a thank you note! It’s not just “good etiquette” it’s part of being a decent human being. Someone took the time to purchase and send you something, take the 3 minutes to write out a note on why you appreciate them, acknowledge the item they gave you, and let them know it did not go unnoticed. Everyone on the planet likes to feel appreciated, it’s a basic human instinct. Let the person that spent money/time on you know it!

Be Prepared!

Now, I know that time is limited during this crazy point in your life, so be prepared! You’re way more likely to send out the thank you note if you have the thank you cards to write on and postage ready to go.

  1. The first thing I did when I got engaged was purchase cute thank you cards.
  2. The second thing I did was go to the grocery store and purchase a booklet of stamps.

what should you write a thank you for?What should you write a Thank You for?

I ended up buying 3 more packages of thank you notes before our wedding was said and done. I sent out notes as a thank you for the following because I wanted everyone to know how much I appreciated them:

  • The engagement party (everyone that helped or gave us something)
  • The Bachelorette party (everyone that came and spoiled me)
  • My personal bridal shower (all gifts/help for putting it on)
  • My work bridal shower (even on gifts that a group went in on I wrote out a note to each person that contributed)
  • All wedding gifts!
  • All people that gave an extra helping hand to make your wedding come together.

Taking the time to write out these notes can be a pain, I know! But do it! Be a classy gal that people are glad they spent money and time on. Don’t be the person that leaves others feeling unappreciated and used!

Alright, rant over😉




what to buy when you first get engaged



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