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Finding the perfect boho wedding shoe was not an easy task. I scoured Pinterest for days, weeks and honestly months as I searched for the perfect shoe. My perfect boho wedding shoe had a long list of must haves:

  • Must be comfortable
  • Must be stylish
  • Must not make my foot look too big ( I wear a size 9 and I always fear that I look like I have clubs on the bottom of my legs)
  • Must not rub on the tops of my feet (I wear lots of flats, but it seems like all of them rub on the top of my big toe bone and I didn’t want to worry about that happening all day on my wedding day)
  • Must not make “flip flop” sounds when I walked (you know the sound I’m talking about)
  • Must be Boho amazing without being a roman style sandal (for some reason wrapping straps around my calf only seems to accentuate my cankles, who would have thought?)
  • Must not have a heel ( I am 6ft tall, finding the perfect dress that was long enough was a challenge, so adding a heel was not an option)
  • Must not be TOMS. (nothing at all against TOMS, I wear them ALL the time, but I wanted something a little different for my Boho wedding)

So, with this list in my head I scoured the internet, certain I would find the perfect boho wedding shoe. But thenI didn’t!

Another month went by and still no perfect wedding shoe picked out. And another. And another. I was starting to freak out! Was I ever going to find the perfect shoe? I went shopping at our local mall, only to be more disappointed. Nothing seemed to be my perfect style.

The perfect Boho Wedding Shoe Is Found

Thankfully my bridesmaid is an angel, she actually sent me a link to a shoe on Amazon, something she thought would work well with the bridesmaid dresses.

It was a fringed sandal, flat to the ground, with a clasp around the ankle. *GASP*. They were adorable!But the version she sent was in black and was going to work perfectly for the bridesmaids, but what about the bride I wondered? Low and behold the sandal also came in cream. It was perfect!

Adorable Boho Wedding Shoes from Amazon

Also, the price point was amazing. I had been trying to save money of our wedding and the idea of dropping a $100 for wedding shoes kept making me feel sweaty and stressed. The price for these sandals was perfect!

boho wedding shoe shot

Amazing wedding photo by JenDZ Photography | JenDZPhotography.com

The perfect Boho Wedding Shoe is worn

Now this story seems so silly, since a sandal should not make or break a wedding, but I feel like it did! I fell in love with the sandal. I ordered it right away. It arrived like usual 2 days later. When I first put it on it felt a little tight, like the strap between my toes was too short, but wearing it around my house for a few hours made it feel perfect. I think it worked out perfectly with our Boho Southwest wedding vibe. My photographer even said that they made me look like a Native princess, so that was a huge score!

The shoes were so comfortable all day long! I could not have asked for a better pair of boho wedding shoes to complete our wedding day!

What do you think of these boho fabulous sandals from Amazon? Would you rock them on your wedding day?

the perfect boho wedding shoe



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