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Month: January 2018

Adorable Crochet Projects for Baby Boys

When we found out that little bean was a little boy, Mr. Rodeo and I were so excited! The pregnancy had been so difficult I felt a little bit of relief that Mr. Rodeo wouldn’t push me to try again in the future for a little boy. I also started thinking of projects I wanted to make for my son. I was looking for specifically crochet projects for baby boys. I didn’t realize it was going to be difficult to find crochet projects that were non girly! After much searching I decided to compile a few awesome crochet projects...

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How to Fix Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy…an interesting 9-10 months on your life that brings about all kinds of body changes. Some of the changes are welcome (hello big boobies!), some are tolerated, and some are just plain painful! I, like many pregnant women experienced back pain during pregnancy and have worked hard to find a fix! I’m excited to share with you how to fix back pain during pregnancy, 5 tips that actually worked for me. This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here. Let me start by explaining why I am kind of an expert on handling back pain. When I...

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How I Graduated College FREE of Debt

Hi Readers! Did you know that I graduated with my bachelors degree in 2013 completely debt FREE?! Yep, I’m a little proud of it;-) All bragging aside, I did graduate with a BFA in 2013 from Colorado Mesa University. I majored in graphic design. I managed to complete my degree without a penny of debt. And before you ask, no I did not have a full ride scholarship. I built for myself a very specific system that allowed me to not only graduate debt free, but to obtain my bachelors in 3 years instead of 4. Getting my degree...

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