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Month: November 2017

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

When planning our wedding Mr. Rodeo and I came to realize that everything costs money, lots of money! From the clothing to food, you’re destined to fork out a chunk of change to make a traditional wedding come to fruition. We found out some ways to save money along the way though! Thank goodness! One way we saved was with Inexpensive Custom Wedding Invitations. My mother gave me some very good advice when I was planning, she said, “Only splurge on the things you and your husband are going to enjoy, everything else can be on a budget.” I...

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When Pregnancy Isn’t Perfect: What A Hyperemesis Gravidarum Sufferer Wants You To Know

Dear Hyperemesis Gravidarum mama, You are pregnant! Congratulations! What a special magical time in life. You will be glowing from the miracle of life growing inside of you. You will feel like a Goddess that your significant other will worship. You will enjoy the feeling of life fluttering inside of you, planning, nesting and being completely in love with your life.  Scratch that, this is what it has felt like as I suffer from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a rare and debilitating form of “morning sickness”. I have vomited – not just a few times a day, not on occasion, and not just...

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A Real Bride’s Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping can be so fun! Most little girls dream about the gown they will walk down the aisle in for years! Will it be a ball gown? A boho beauty? A two piece? Today it is so easy to get overwhelmed with wedding dress shopping. Between all the different types of social media it’s difficult to not get serious dress envy. It’s also difficult to not get serious wedding dress blues when you look at real world price tags. Hint: Most of the dresses that you drool over on Pinterest are serious designer gowns that cost as...

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Letting Go & Letting God

After a year of non-stop planning, working harder than ever before on a business, a wedding, a house, a property and my relationship my ability to control my life was taken from me. God works in mysterious ways, he presents himself in our lives in unforeseen ways and takes exactly what is necessary to get our attention. It was 5 months into my first pregnancy that I finally paid attention. It took 8 months of extremely hard work, and 5 months of extremely poor health to realize that I needed to Let Go & Let God.   The Back...

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My Best Pregnancy Purchase! (So Far)

Hello expecting mamas! I have a little secret for you today…pregnancy can be expensive! Yikes, between medical bills, grocery costs and wardrobe updates it starts to add up and that doesn’t even factor in the cost of buying stuff for baby. I have read so many posts about what to buy in the first, second and third trimesters to make your pregnancy life easier and I have to say, a lot of it is a sales technique. So how did I find my best pregnancy purchase? I’ll explain… This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here. Pregnancy is...

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